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Introducing the Lexmark X543dn Multifunction Printer

Thursday 9 February 2012 - Filed under Uncategorized

Another multi function printer (MFP) from Lexmark, the X543dn offers great features good for small workgroups or small offices that need a quick access to a printer with versatile features. Pitching in at a 599 plus (current market price may vary) price tag, the Lexmark X543dn multifunction printer comes with the necessities in the office.

To start off, this piece from Lexmark comes with one of the highest quality print amongst the competition in the market. Sharp images and texts are few of the things it boasts and sets the bar high for other competition MFP’s. Bragging high quality texts and pictures for most tests and reviews, it is more than capable of producing neat and presentation ready output for most business work. Print speed can be subpar with the competition but the duplex printing actually saves time in printing back to back copies for newsletter formats and the like. The 250 page tray accommodates big copy loads for convenience. An add-on of another 150 page input tray is an option but comes with additional shell out, of course. The Lexmark can prove to be a well adequate workhorse in the office. With its scanning, faxing, copying and email sending standard features. It can prove to be an all around tool for desktop publishers and light printers.

Another noted downside to the X543dn is the sluggish scan copies it produces. Most remarks about it was it looked grainy and cartoonish at times. Though scanning and copying speeds fared quite well.

When it comes to energy consumption, it is actually a guzzler when in standby, measuring up to 20 watts when other mfp’s measured in at an average of 4 or 5 watts. At work, the X543dn measures energy consumption at around 440 watts. A good thing about it is that it is fairly quite for a printer its size.

For a commercial all in one printer, it fairs well among the competition, having again its printing as one of its stronger points. However, the printing costs may come as a bit off with its expensive brand cartridges and toners. For light users, the X543dn can prove to be a good investment choice in office equipment.

Simply put together, the X543dn is a good choice for small offices and suitable for business work that requires good high quality printing. Obviously, it’s a less possible choice for home use since the price can actually get you two other units with same or less functions. Good for print outs and overall office work, the X543dn can be a good office partner for long term if it were not for the high printing costs.

2012-02-09  »  Scott Theisen

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